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Big Cats / Royal Bengal Tiger

Wild Tigers of India

Tiger (Panthera tigris) is Nation’s Pride and the most prestigious Icon of India. Not because Tiger is the national animal, but for the ‘Wild Attitude’.

Tiger is a majestic animal with sheer aggression yet walks the jungle with elegance. Tigers love water and they are great swimmers. Tigers can fight to death to guard their territory and only during the heat for a period of a month or so, male and female tigers come together. Tiger never hunts in pack and they hunt alone. The only documented exception is a group of four tiger siblings of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) who hunted in a pack for survival.

An aggressive male tiger can hunt alone and bring down a fully grown male gaur (Indian Bison). Watching wild tigers at wild is nothing short of a nerve breaking experience and rush of adrenalin. That wild experience of watching tiger at wild never hits boredom.

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Nat Geo Editor favorite moments

Travel & Wildlife

An Editor reviews millions of images as a routine. When an Editor appreciates an image, there is certainly something unique.

Let’s find out, what’s so special?

The wildlife moments across this gallery is a collection of wildlife moments appreciated by the editors. Photographic community of millions across globe considers ‘Nat Geo Your Shot‘ as the most challenging forum and has the quality of the highest order. Specifically, this collection has only images favorited by the Nat Geo Editors. Each image has something special, has a story to tell and each image in it’s way has portrayed the beauty of wildlife.

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tiger snarl angry bandhavgarh wild wildlife photography bangalore

Snarling Wild Tiger

Wildlife Travel Tips

Wildlife destinations have so many and each has so much to offer. Travelogue and tips from the wildlife photographers who has been there already will be so crucial to get most out of your wildlife vacation.


two-tigers-in-a-frame three-tigers-in-a-frame tiger-and-cubs wild-tigers top-tiger-pictures best-tiger-picture award-winning-tiger-picture wild-tiger-picture

Wild Tiger Mother with Two Cubs

Wildlife Photography

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spotted deer chital wildlife photography

Mystic Wild | Pench National Park

HD Wildlife Wallpapers

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