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Wildlife Photographer

Alvis Lazarus

Alvis Lazarus is a Wildlife Photographer from Nazareth. He specializes in Wildlife Portraits and Wildlife Action Photography; he has traveled across India to see and photograph the rich wildlife of Incredible India. Alvis says “Wildlife Photography has an infinite learning since not a single wildlife moment repeats itself in the wilderness and that makes wildlife photography so challenging and exciting”.

Alvis Lazarus has won many awards at Global Stage; he is the –
– Winner of Nat Geo Your Shot for Feb’19 Magazine
– 4 Winning Wildlife Images in 2018 published at Nat Geo Daily Dozen
– National Geographic Top Shot Winner 2017
– BBC Your Photo Winner 2017

Alvis’s work is published in Nat Geo, BBC Wildlife, Conde Nast Traveller Magazines and many other regional/ national magazines as well.

Alvis is active in most social media channels with user name ‘Alvis Lazarus Photography’ and he can be reached in Instagram at

You can see his work here: Instagram | Facebook | Website

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